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Our little family
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Citrus Lane: June Surprise Box

We have been getting the Citrus Lane boxes for a couple months now and very happy with them. Every month they offer what they call a "surprise" box you can buy as well. This month I decided to buy it and see if it was worth it. Here is my review of the June surprise box...

First off, I purchased this box knowing that some of the items may be "above" my son's age range. We are taking a trip in Dec and I wanted to have some fun toys to bring along for the plane ride for him and was hoping this box would aid in the supply of that stuff (It did!!)

Surprise box goodies! 

1. I Took the Moon for a Walk book: This is a cute paperback book that came in the box. It was the first thing I saw when we opened it up. Nice illustrations and basic storyline. Not an overly exciting children's book but cute none the less. We love books here so I always love getting new books for our son.

2. Medi Buddy: I didn't get a pic of this one (sorry) but was so excited to see it in the box. I had missed out on getting this by a month so was bummed and didn't really want to pay the $6 price tag walmart sells them for. It's a cute little first aid kit and comes in a reusable case. It will be great to have on our cruise this december to toss in our day bag while in ports.

3. Puppy Slide Flute: I gave this one to Jackson now since it seemed like he could use it now and enjoy it. It's basically an updated version of those old wooden train flutes you find at Cracker Barrel, just shaped like a dog :)

4. Faber-Castell Wax Crayons and Doodling pad: I was very happy to see these in the box. What better plane ride toy than crayons and paper. Added bonus...they are jumbo crayons so perfect for little hands and have a triangle shape so no rolling!!

5. Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace-Farm Animals: This was the item I knew about in the box (you get to pick one item, the rest are a surprise). I plan to pack these in the plane bag since its a nice quiet game he can play and hopefully not annoy other passengers with ;)

6. Hello Books Build-a-Book: This one I am on the fence about. It looks really cute, basically scrapbooking for young kids. Its a small book that comes with stickers that kids can create and draw on. The package says 4+ for the age range...quite a ways off from the suggested 2+ on the box. Not sure If I will keep this or gift it.

7. Bamboo Race Car: another perfect small item for the plane ride (I told you I got several things for the trip in this box!) It's a cute little blue and wooden race car. What little boy wouldn't love it!

8. Green Toys tumblers: I love this company and so far have gotten something from them in every box I have ordered from Citrus Lane. These will be a save for later item as my son is still on sippy-style cups and will be for a while. But not disappointed, I love this company!

All in all I am very happy with the surprise box we got. Yes, some things are above his age range for using now but again I ordered the one up on purpose with the plan to use it later for our trip. I have to say I feel I really got my money's worth out of this box. It came with several more items than the monthly boxes do and all of them were great quality and nothing I was unhappy with. I try not to expect anything big that way I am not disappointed by what is in the box. So far I guess it's working :)

*Currently Citrus Lane is running a special to get up to 50% off your box if you sign up for a new subscription. Check it out and see for yourself but if you ask me, it is worth it!

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