Our little family

Our little family
Our little family

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Citrus Lane May 2014 Box Review

Well I have to say I am once again pleased with my choice to start a subscription with Citrus Lane. If you are new to hearing about Citrus Lane, basically they are a company that each month send out boxes for your child with toys, snacks and even some goodies for parents in there (trial size household goods and coupons). This is our second month in our 6 month trial subscription (If we like it all 6 months we will keep it going). Here is what we found in our box this month....

1. Playground Ball from Crocodile Creek: It's a cute small size little ball that looks a lot like the kick ball we all grew up using in the famous playground game. It is a great size, perfect for little ones to hold and not too heavy or bulky. Retail price: $8.95

2. Snack container from Goodbyn: I really like any fun small snack container. Our box came with a small green one that has two compartments. Enough room for a serving of fishy crackers and a serving of another snack. I do have to say it is a little small as a "keep in the diaper bag" snack container.. If you are like me you want one you don't have to fill up every time you leave the house, so they could be a little bigger in my opinion. Retail price: $7.00

3. Stacking Cups from Green Toys: Last month we got a Green Toys brand race car and it made me fall in love with the company. This month I was so excited to open the box and find another toy from them. The stacking cups are great! Nice pastel colors that work for boys or girls (after all they are stacking cups, does it really matter what color they are). This set is star shapes which was nice to see something other than the basic circle or square stacking cup. The pack came with 6 cups which were numbered on the bottom as well..great for toddlers learning to count.

4. Fresh Feet Wipes from Jasmine Seven: I have yet to try these (just got the box today) but am really excited about these. Being summer time and having a toddler it is nice to have something to wipe his feet off after the playground visits. The pack came as a travel/trial size so it works perfect for the diaper bag or to leave in the car. Retail price: $3.95

5. Snack from Back To Nature: We have had this brand of snacks before and really enjoyed them. We got Honey Graham Sticks (have had before) and they are really good! The box came with a 25% off coupon for the site vine market which sells this line of snack foods (as well as several other items).

Here is the flyer that comes in each box every
month to describe the products you are getting. 

That is it for this month. I am again very pleased with this month's box. I try not to expect over the top stuff and I think that is why I have been pleased so far. For me its about getting my money worth and so far I have. Be sure to check out citrus lane and see all the fun stuff they have. They are always having sales for new subscribers. you can choose to do one month at a time or up to a year (we started with a 6 month sub.)

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