Our little family

Our little family
Our little family

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mini pick: Making Baby Food

I just wanted to do a quick post "mini pick" (not going into too much detail) on how easy it can be to make baby food and some of the items I use to do so. I try to make as much of Jackson's food as I can...why? well for starters it is cheaper, and my other main reason is I know exactly what is going into his food. The only time I give him the baby food pouches are when we are out, most Sunday's here lately he gets them for lunch because our church is so far away, it's lunch time before we can get home and I don't want to leave food in the car unless it is sealer properly and meant to be shelved. (we buy Ella's Kitchen and some gerber organic pouches, We prefer the organic pouches because they do not use ingredients you can't pronounce, they only use what is needed/the fruit or veggies).
As far as recipes, I don't really use them. I just kinda wing it as I go and try new things, however, There are tons of recipes online for all kinds of baby foods if you want to follow recipes or have some guidance at first.

The site I do use for baby food questions is wholesome baby food. They, to me, have been the best resource and answer pretty much every question that I have had regarding baby food.

Here are the tools I use to make baby food.

Pictured is a rice cooker/steamer, a ninja blender, and take and toss brand containers. 

I LOVE these take and toss containers. They are a perfect size for a single serving of food for J. (we don't toss them). They wash great in the dishwasher and I love how they are microwavable too. (at least they haven't melted yet, never really checked to see if they really were). You can find them at most "big box" stores for around $2-$3 for a 6 pack. 

A closer look at my cooking "tools". Both I purchased at Walmart...the rice cooker/steamer for around $30 and the Ninja mixer for $100. The Mixer comes with two individual "smoothie" size cups that can be blended right in the cup and a large 40oz. drum mixer. I use the big mixer for my weekly baby food making and use the smaller ones when I need to blend something for him that we are eating so he can have some of that. 

I also use a food scale to make sure I have equal measurements of food for each serving. (yes, I am OCD) This one was also purchased at Walmart, I think around $15. 

And that is it. All the items I use for making and storing baby food. I normally make a week's worth at a time so there is no need to freeze. I use to freeze his food and make a lot more but started to notice the food seemed watered down and the consistency was different after it was frozen. So I switched to one week at a time. It takes me anywhere from 30 min to an hour to make his food, for both lunch and dinner for the week. J eats oatmeal for breakfast so no prep there. (We feed him Oat Revolution brand oatmeal.)  
There you have it, baby food mini post on the ease of making baby food.

Come back next week for some finger food/toddler meal ideas!!

Until Next Time...

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