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Our little family
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Citrus Lane April 2014 Box Review

Recently I switched one of my subscription boxes over to start getting one for my son. Citrus Lane came up as the top children's subscription box so I choose that one. (well that and I know someone who has been getting these for her son and loves it, Hi Holly!) Here is what I thought of our first Citrus Lane box...
excited to see what he got in his first Citrus Lane

The First thing we saw when we opened the box was a cute little blue race car (sorry, no picture, my son grabbed it right away). The car is from Green Toys. It is made of 100% recycled milk jugs. No small parts which make it great since my little guy still puts everything in his mouth. It also rolls really well, which I was at first worried it wouldn't based on its chunky make. Overall really like the car.

Green Eats company had a set of 4 snack bowls in the box as well. These were my son's favorite. I think because of the sound they made when he banged them together and lately his newest obsession is stacking things, or putting things inside one another so it was a game for him, bonus! For me, I liked the bowls a lot. Nice pastel blue color, sturdy and good size for a snack.

Next was the book ( I hear almost all the boxes have a book in them, which I love!) The book is titled Who's in my Garden and is a "peek a boo book" by Barefoot Books. Very nice large size board book. It was a cute read, I read through it aloud while my son stacked him bowls next to me. cute little cut outs on each page where an animal "peeks" through form the next page. Almost like a flip and see book without the little tabs to be ripped off...another bonus!

The last two items in this month's box where for parents. The first one was a sample size of Meyers Lemon Verbena Dish Soap. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells amazing! So that is all I can say about that since I haven't actually put it in practice yet :) They also included a card with a code for a free greeting card from Treat. I have never heard of this company but the card is really cute and has some sweet samples so I will probably order a card for mother's day or something with the code.

Over all I am very pleased with our first Citrus Lane box. I looked up the retail value of each item to see how it compared to what I paid for the box. I purchased a 6 month subscription and had a coupon code so each box in my 6 month period will cost me $20. This box retail came to right around $40 (I checked amazon and the company websites for pricing). So half off, not bad at all. We are looking forward to next month's box and the goodies that we will get.
April 2014 (one year old) Citrus Lane box. 
If you are interested in Citrus Lane you can click Here and check out their site and the subscription choices they have.

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