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Our little family
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Love With Food January Box Review

I recently started researching those subscription boxes online to see what they were all about and if they were worth it. I was mainly looking for one for me and maybe one for my son. (still haven't settled on one for the little guy yet) While doing the research I found some snack boxes. I really liked the idea of getting snacks every month to try, not to mention healthy snacks. I hate wasting money, and I really hate wasting money on new snacks and not liking them. This box (Love With Food) is perfect for that. You receive 6-9 sample snacks each month to try and If you like the item you can go on the Love With Food website and purchase full sizes of them. Win! January was our first box so here is what was inside and our review of the snacks! The other nice thing about this company is for every box purchased a meal is donated to the less fortunate in America (2 meals are donated per deluxe box purchase). I will say the only downside I have to this box is that they charge you on the 1st of every month but do not ship the box until the 10th. Seems a little off to me (my other box charges me the day it ships, as I feel it should be) but so far that is the only downside to me.

*We signed up for the Regular size box. There is a deluxe box that has several more snacks in it for $20 a month. The regular size box seen here runs $12 a month. ($10 if you sign up for long term and not month to month, but you have to pay upfront).

What's in the box: 

*Banana Spilt Baby Mama Drama From Mama's Magic Mix: This is a dry fruit trail mix type snack.  It also has milk chocolate covered graham crackers, peanuts and caramel puffs. SO GOOD! I am not a dried fruit person so at first I wasn't too thrilled about this one..then I opened it and tried it! I'm sold! and at only 210 calories for the whole pack...I can't complain.

*Pretzo Change-O & Original Milk Chocolate Squares from Jer's Chocolates: There were 2 of these in the box and I so wish there were more! These were very tasty. One had pretzels in it with milk chocolate and the other was just milk chocolate. Both very good! I plan to purchase more of these for sure! added plus, its a nice small snack that satisfies that chocolate craving. (i'm snacking on this one as I type this post!)

*Chocolate Chip cookies from Home Free: These were also very good! Not to forget to mention they are gluten free as well as free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy...perfect cookies for the kids who have allergies!

*Superfood chews from Loverly candies: These little square chews were good! I believe 3 came in the box. Fruit flavored and about the size of a starburst. Nice alternative to the starbursts candy as well with the real fruit in them they tasted much better!

*Columbia Supremo from Caffe Borsa: This is more of an instant coffee. The packaging is pretty neat, you pop the sides and it sits right over your coffee cup and you pour hot water over it. However, when I went to open the coffee filter to pour the water in, It ripped all the way down the side and the grounds spilled out....made for a good laugh, but not a cup of coffee...smelled great but couldn't taste it based on the ripped packaging..oh well!

*Orange Fruit Bar from Oskri: This was the one thing in the box I just knew I wouldn't like. I was right, but only because i'm not a fan of any of the ingredients...dried oranges, figs, dates and raisins. It is a very dense bar but if you like those things you will probably love the bar. It smelled great, just not my taste.

*Organic Berry Berry Granola Bar from Annie's Homegrown: I really like this company's products but hadn't tried the granola bars yet. This was quite tasty. Only complaint it is was quite chewy as well. Overall good but gets stuck in your teeth easily! It wouldn't be something I would eat on the go, having granola stuck in my teeth while running errands is not my thing ;)

*Lightly Salted Almonds from Blue Diamond Almonds: Love almonds! I have had these before but it was awesome to get a little pack perfect to toss in my purse for while im out and need a snack!

*Multi-Grain Sea Salt Sticks from Hi I'm Skinny: These were very tasty and one of the snacks I plan to purchase off the site. Crispy light "chips" without the bad for you guilt!

Here  is the website I used to research these and several other subscription boxes. This site provides a lot of good information about the boxes and customer reviews to help you decide if they are worth it or not. I also signed up for Julep Maven boxes and will be reviewing them soon as well. (Julep is a beauty/nail polish/nail care box).

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