Our little family

Our little family
Our little family

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Christian workout playlist

I love to run. It gives me this rushing feeling of awesomeness (only way to describe it) when I run. Only one problem, I need serious upbeat fast paced music to run to. Other problem, I don't want to listen to trashy music just to have that upbeat fast paced music. I like to use my running time as time with God, its time I have completely alone to spend in thought with my savior, I want music to remind me of that while I am running. I know there are others out there like myself who would love to listen to a christian playlist while they run but amazing grace just isn't gonna help me get through that last half mile where I need that extra helping push. Hey, some people can listen to Rush Limbaugh (my husband) while they run, great for them...but not me! So here for your entertainment and hopefully help in finding some upbeat christian workout tunes is my christian workout playlist.

*I constantly add to my playlist but here is what I have for now. It's 19 songs and covers 72:14 minutes of workout (plenty of time to get a good workout or run in) 

My Christian Workout playlist...

Do Everything: Steven Curtis Champan--3:52min.

Turn Around: Matt Maher--4:13min.

Waiting for Tomorrow: Mandisha--3:17min. 

When Mercy found Me: Rhett Walker Band--3:58min.

I Refuse: Josh Wilson--3:37min.

Stronger: Mandisha-- 3:33min.

Overcomer: Mandisha--3:43min.

Run: Paul Colman Trio--3:55min.

When you give: Mark Schultz--4:34min.

Psalm 112: 4Him--4:50min.

Courageous: Casting Crowns--4:00min.

Lifesong: Casting Crowns--5:17min.

Cover Me: Brothers Keeper--3:51min.

Be Life You: Brothers Keeper--3:42min.

In Christ: Big Daddy Weave--3:52min.

Neighborhoods: Big Daddy Weave--4:33min.

More Beautiful You: Jonny Diaz--3:51min.

Dive: Steven Curtis Chapman-- 4:30min.

Live Out Loud: Steven Curtis Chapman--3:45min.


So what Christian songs would you add to this list? I hope that this playlist can help  you to enjoy some upbeat music while running and listening to some Christ inspiring music. 

Until Next Time... 

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