Our little family

Our little family
Our little family

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Citrus Lane: October Box Review

For your enjoyment, or information gathering minds...here is the October Citrus Lane Box Review...

1. Taxi Story City Set from Janod:
             These are little wood play sets (this one had a little guy on a scooter and a taxi). Adorable! This and the Police car set my son has been playing with since I took out of the box. At 19 months he LOVES cars, trains, planes and all that good stuff so this was a perfect addition to his fast growing collection. He has even started trying to say "taxi" and will hold up the taxi and just start going on and on (toddler babble that is). Needless to say it is a really cute play set. I am a little cautious of the wheels since my son still finds his mouth the best toy testing grounds, but we keep a pretty good eye on him so I'm not too worried, but worth noting for smaller toddlers.

2.  Police Story City Set from Janod:
             Uhm, do I need to detail this one? kidding, kind of! It is just like the taxi one only it came with a police car and police man. The taxi and the police car have been carried around my house since they were opened :) Safe to say, these toys were a huge hit!

3. Maracitos from Hohner Kids:
           These adorable little maracas are so cute. As soon as my son realized they made noise he lit up. He has a drum and several musical toys, but didn't have maracas so this was a nice addition. We have another musical toy from this company (a dog flute we got in a mystery box a few months back) and the toys are very good quality. On a side note, they are also not overly loud when played with, and I think all parents can agree that is a good thing!

4. Dinosaur Board Book from Chronicle Books:
           Finally! It has been a few months since we have seen a citrus lane box with a book in it and I was super happy to see one this month!!! This board book is so cute and teaches shapes using dinosaurs. My son quickly points at each dinosaur every turn of the page, and we have to point out each dinosaur and I try and point out the shapes (he can flip pages pretty fast). Overall, a very cute book and quick story (a plus at times) that teaches young children shapes. I believe there is a alphabet book as well in this series.

5. Citrus Lane's Friends and Family Sale:
            This month's box came with a 15% off your entire purchase on the Citrus Lane website. Not sure if I will use it or not, but it came at a great time with Christmas just around the corner.

Overall, I am pleased with this box. No, it wasn't as good as others we have gotten but each and every item is getting played with daily and that says something alone. It is about my son and if he likes it, so based on that, this box was a home run! If you are interested in joining the Citrus Lane subscription service please visit their website.... here!

* As always I was in NO way paid or asked to do this review by Citrus Lane. My reviews are my own and in no way influenced by the company I am reviewing.

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